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Thai themed slots games at MNL63 offering  Charm of  Thailand

Online casino  MNL63 offering Charm of Thailand in the theme of slots games.Thai traditional  way of life is shaped by a unique blend of cultural, historical, and religious influences. One of the most well-known traditional festivals in Thailand is Songkran, Loy Krathong celebration which celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. These festivals are often linked to religion, history, and folklore, and they provide a unique opportunity for people to come together and celebrate their traditions and cultural heritage.Certainly,this fascination has been passed down for a long time in the past, continued until now, still receives attention as a pride and conveys impressiveness in the unique form of the festival on each scene of online slots games.Therefore,the content below presents Thai themed slots games  which there are “Loy Krathong”, “Floating Market” ,”Songkran Festival”

Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong is an online slots game created by CQ9 offering the classic 5 reels slots game and freespins feature, respins, scatter and  wild symbols. This slots game has a lot of symbols inherent in eastern countries: dragons, lotus, lanterns, flowers.You can collect  winning combinations in 243 ways and you can get up to 320,000 coins.If you like Thai traditions and  want to immerse yourself in this themed slots, you can choose to play for free mode or play for real money at slots MNL63.

Floating Market

Floating Market is a 6 reels slots game developed by CQ9 Gaming.This game is set in one of the famous floating markets common in Thailand. There is also a free spins mode in which the Cascading function is endowed with a multiplier for winning which the size of the multiplier depends on the number of scatter symbols dropped. The configuration can change during the game and It has 117,649 win ways.If  you recall the lifestyle of Floating Market,you can see in this themed slots.As we known that the lifestyle of those who work at a floating market may vary depending on their specific role and the location of the market. Some vendors may live on their boats or in the surrounding area, while others may travel long distances to participate in the market. Many vendors in floating markets rely on tourism as their main source of income, and as such, they may work long hours to meet the demand of visitors.All of this lifestyle is Charm of Thailand and you can enjoy gaming along with this themed slots game by click MNL63 for registration.

Songkran Festival

Songkran Festival is an online slots game launched by CQ9  being a reputable provider.Discover the fascinating Thai culture in a game that blends beautiful graphics with many other surprises that will spice up your game and keep you on the edge of your seat. Many symbols represent the Songkran festival and Thai identity, such as splashing  of water, the elephant  being Thailand’s national animal and Thai decorations, etc. You can enjoy playing this themed slots as relaxing moment during long holidays.Especially,you can get immediately free bonus 100 PHP after registration at online casino MNL63.

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