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Online casino MNL63 offering the selection of Egyptian themed slots.The Egyptian theme is popular because of the rich history and culture of ancient Egypt. This civilization, which flourished along the banks of the Nile in northeastern Africa, left behind a wealth of art, architecture, and other cultural treasures that continue to fascinate people around the world. Certainly,Ancient Egypt is known for its pharaohs, pyramids, and other iconic symbols of power and wealth. The country was home to a complex system of government, religion, and society that has inspired many works of fiction and nonfiction. The ancient Egyptians were skilled artisans and engineers, and their monuments, such as the Pyramids of Giza and the temples of Karnak and Luxor, are still marveled at today for their size and beauty.The Egyptian theme is often used in popular culture, including in movies, TV shows, video games, and theme park attractions. It can also be seen in fashion, design, and other areas. The fascination with ancient Egypt continues to this day, and it is likely to remain a popular theme for many years to come.The following content is relating Egyptian themed slots games which there are “Rise of Egypt” , “Rise of Egypt Deluxe” and “Spirit of Egypt: Hold and Win”

Rise of Egypt

Rise of Egypt is an online slots game developped by Playson being  a reputable casino provider. In game scenarios ,you can see Ancient Egypt in its full glory and special scatter payouts and free spins bonuses, as well as expanding wilds also play a role in this HD slots game and they can be combined to trigger multiple prizes,especially extra prizes in the new Rise of Egypt slot.Starring the ancient cat god Bastet, Rise of Egypt is a 5 reel, 20 payline slot which can be bet on with small-medium wagers. This trip to the land of the ancients comes with wilds that expand to fill reels and a bonus round that awards up to 35 free spins with symbol upgrades. This slots game’s RTP varies from 92.20% to 96.20% depending on your bet size and the number of spins you play.Rise of Egypt is a fairly volatile slot. The variance is in the medium to high range with maximum wins of 944 times your stake on every spin/free spin. Expect  some spells as dry as the Sahara – get on a roll with the wilds in the Free Spins feature and the treasure can quickly build.

Rise of Egypt Deluxe

Rise of Egypt Deluxe is the next version from Rise of Egypt launched by Playson.Rise of Egypt Deluxe is an Egypt-themed online slot  with 3×5 game field and 20 lines, where once-forgotten gods reawaken the legends of old. Certainly,this slots game containing 20 lines features Expanding Wild as a cat goddess Bastet fresco. The Scatter symbols can trigger the Free Spins mode.

Spirit of Egypt: Hold and Win 

Spirit of Egypt: Hold and Win is an online slots game with an impressive ancient Egyptian adventure slot developed by Playson.This Egyptian themed online slots game features a stacked wild as a scarab lady, free spins  with a synced reels feature and a Hold and Win bonus.If you like the selection of Egyptian themed slots,you can try on your luck at online casino MNL63.Now,new player can get free 100 PHP immediately as welcome bonus and get more special bonuses from seasonal promotions.

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